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Give Your Child an Edge in Math

So you have a child on the math fast track. That’s awesome! As your math star takes on tougher math concepts, harder assignments and new teaching methods, turn to Mathletes of America for tutoring or skill practice in advanced math. You’ll love seeing your child build confidence, master skills and stay ahead of the class.

With our advanced math programs, your child will:

Easily master math skills
Math concepts build on one another. You need to “get” one concept to be successful in the next. We offer a balanced focus on computation, process, reasoning and problem solving. This ensures your child is mastering skills and has the right foundation to be successful with future skills.

Feel confident and prepared for class
Whether your school is using integrated mathematics or traditional sequence, our experts know the local curriculum, so there’s a direct impact in class.

Gain deeper experience with how math is taught in school
With Mathletes, your child gets hands-on experiences and practice time with how math is taught in school. This helps ensure concepts stick, and it lowers frustration. (Plus, you don’t have to become an expert!)


Achieve greater success
Higher scores. Increased confidence. Smiles at homework time. Tutoring and skill practice make a big difference.

Reach out today to keep your child on the fast track! Mathletes offers affordable monthly packages, so it’s easier to fit learning into your budget.

How our advanced math programs work

We offer several math programs to make sure your advanced student is learning in the way that works best for him or her — from skill practice programs, to homework help, to personalized tutoring. 

Here’s what to expect with Mathletes:

  • Math K-6. We believe building a good foundation in elementary math is essential for developing higher-level thinking skills and being successful in science and technology. With Mathletes, your child will get faster and more accurate with essential math skills, develop problem-solving skills and build a deeper mathematical understanding.

  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. Algebra is said to be the gateway to upper level math and sciences, and many careers require a foundation in geometric principles. 
    Whether the topic is quadratic equations or right triangle trigonometry, we use a proven mix of independent practice, guided support and personalized feedback to improve skill mastery. Our approach ensures your child has deep conceptual understanding of essential concepts and can apply skills to homework, school and real-life scenarios.

Bring on success in advanced math

Our advanced math programs are available nationwide. Get in touch today for info on our affordable monthly packages and local options.

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It’s easy to invest in your child’s future with Mathletes. Choose from a variety of affordable programs and easy payment plans to fit your budget.

Our teachers will challenge and inspire your child. We’re experts in math, reading, writing, test prep and more!

Every child’s learning plan is unique. We mix the best in teaching and technology to ensure your child gets just what he or she needs.

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